Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v.5.0

Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v.5.0
Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v.5.0 | 1.01 GB

The family of Modicon programmable controllers associated with Unity software offers you ingenuity,flexibility and openness for increased productivity of machines, industrial processes and infrastructures.The new Modicon M340 programmable controller for machines naturally becomes the ideal partner for Modicon Premium and Modicon Quantum.

For software productivity
Unity Pro offers a new look at software development and automation operation.
�All-in-one” easy to use software

Unity Pro makes best use of the graphic and context-sensitive interfaces of Windows XP� and Windows 2000�.
Direct access to tools and data.
100% graphic configuration.
Customisable toolbar and icons.
Extended drag-and-drop and zoom functions.
Integrated diagnostics window.
Five IEC61131-3 languages to mix as you wish

Unity Pro offers the five IEC61131-3 languages as standard. Each section of code can be programmed in the language of your choice, best adapted to each processing operation. All edit, debugging and operation tools are accessible whatever the language used.

LD: Ladder diagram.
IL: Instructions list.
ST: Structured text.
SFC: Sequential function chart.
FBD: Function block diagram.

Compatibility with existing applications

Integrated solutions or converters are proposed for migration of existing applications as a function of the initial software platform:
PL7, Concept IEC, 984LL and hardware platform.
All the advantages of standardisation

Benefit from a complete set of functions and tools enabling modelling of application structure on your machine or process structure.
The programme is split into organised function blocks grouping:
programme sections, animation tables, operator screens and hyperlinks.
Basic functions used repetitively are encapsulated in user function blocks (DFB) in IEC61131-3 language.
In addition, with Unity EFB Toolkit, you can standardise your know-how by developing your own basic functions in C language to supplement the Unity Pro library.
Time saving by reuse

Tested and qualified, your standards reduce on-site development and installation
times. Quality and deadlines are optimised.
Function modules reusable in the application or between products by means of XML import/export.
Function blocks instanced by drag-and-drop from the library.
Instances can automatically inherit library modifications (user choice).
Improved quality assured

The integrated programmable controller simulator faithfully reproduces behaviour
of the target programme on PC. All debugging tools can be used on simulation
to improve quality prior to installation.
Step-by-step programme execution.
Stop and view point.
Dynamic animations to view state of settings and logic in progress.
Reduced downtime

Unity Pro provides an integrated library of application diagnostic DFBs, which
depending on their function monitor permanent safety conditions and the
evolution of the process over time. A window clearly displays all system and
application faults chronologically by timestamp at source. By a simple click from this window, you access the editor of the programme in which the error was triggered (search for missing conditions at source). Online modifications can be grouped coherently in local mode on the PC and transferred directly to the programmable controller in a single operation, to be taken into account in the same cycle. A complete palette of functions allows you to closely control operation and reduce downtime.

Operator actions history on Unity Pro in secure file.
User profile and password protection.
Integrated graphic operation screens.

Precise for control open for collaboration
SFC View: SFC programme monitoring

Perfectly complementing Unity Pro, Unity SFC View assures monitoring and control of programme SFC sequences. In particular, it traces and indicates faults in execution. Unity SFC View functions on any ActiveX compatible HMI.
Unity Developer’s Edition

With UDE, Unity is enhanced by specialised software for IT developers in VBA, VB or C++. It offers access to all Unity Pro software server objects for development of tailor-made solutions such as creation of interfaces with an electrical CAD or application automatic generator. The


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